Ashton Boat Works Let us help you acquire the boat of your dreams. Ashton Boat Works Let us help you acquire the boat of your dreams. Ashton Boat Works Let us help you acquire the boat of your dreams.

Welcome to Ashton Boat Works

Let us help you acquire the boat of your dreams.

We are committed to emerging as the foremost yacht broker and boat dealer in Brisbane. We offer a wide range of boats and yacht for sale. Quality delivery in our product and service delivery is the hallmark of our company.

Reach out to us for every of your boat and yacht needs. We ensure you get the best options industry-wise.

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What We Do

Ashton Boat Works offers for sale high-quality boats and yacht of different categories and applicable to various purposes. We are your one-stop-shop for every of your boat and yacht purchase.

Our sales offering covers the following area.

Boat Sales

We offer high-quality boats for sale. Our boat offerings are of the highest quality. Depending on your preference, we offer products from tested and trusted manufacturers. Our boats are relevant for different purposes.

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Yachts for Sale

We offer premium yachts for sale. Ranging from luxurious yachts to commercial vessel we provide high-quality yacht from top producers that you can take advantage of for your needs. Our popular offers include Riviera, Maritimo, Bavaria Sail, Austral Yachts.

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Boat Finance

We offer boat finance to aid in the purchase of any of our boat or yacht offerings. Our finance options include a chattel mortgage, commercial hire purchase, and finance lease. Our offerings are client-tailored to ensure they can fit into your needs without any form of hassle.

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Boat Insurance

We offer extensive insurance cover to your boats and yachts. Our offerings cover various categories of unwanted occurrence that can cause damage to your yacht or boat. We cover a boat while on the sea and while in storage. We also offer cover for components of the ship.

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Loan Calculator

Are you looking to find out if boat finance fits into your budget? Are you considering taking a financing option for the purchase of a boat? You can check out our loan calculator to determine your obligation over your desired period.

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Why Choose Us

At Ashton Boat Works, we offer high-quality boats and yachts optimised for best performance regardless of your intended use. Beyond that here is what makes us stand out.

1. High Quality

At the heart of our offering is our commitment to providing top quality. Our boats and yacht are from top manufactures around the world. We ensure they are durable, provide optimal performance, and can stand the test of time. With Ashton Boat Works, the least you can get is exceptional quality.

2. Variety

At Ashton Boat Works, our sales offering across both boats and yachts come in varieties. We understand the broad needs that you might need a boat or yacht for, and we offer one that can fit into each category. With Ashton Boat Works, we have a boat or yacht solution for your every need.

3. Industry Leading Prices

Our sales offering come at industry leading prices. We do not just provide quality. We go miles better with our value for money package. As such, our boats and yachts are priced at market standards. You do not need to pay more to get what you need.

Even more, with our boat finance, we provide a cost-effective solution to ensure you make the most of purchase from us financially.

4. Continuous Support

We are not just concerned with giving you access to our high-quality boats and yacht. Our focus extends to ensuring you have the best time using them. With Ashton Boat Works, you get access to continuous support throughout the use of your boat. This way, we guarantee a smooth and seamless process.

5. Expert Team

Our support is highly desirable as it comes from our expert team. We comprise a team of experts in the marine industry, which allows us to exceed expectations and deliver excellence in all our offerings.

About Us

Ashton Boat Works is a private company that specialises in boat and yacht sale. We are a leading dealer for various boats and yachts needs. We prioritise quality offering, convenience, and continuous support in our service or sale provision.

We comprise a team of experts within the marine and finance industry which allows us to provide bespoke solutions to every one of your needs. For your next purchase, let us help you acquire the boat or yacht of your needs.


We are physically located in Brisbane, Queensland.

We can help with your boat and yacht purchase, boat insurance and boat financing. You can reach us through any of our contact options below.