Austral Yachts

Suppose you ever find your self desiring a yacht that delivers on high speed and stable performance with a breathtaking interior and exterior design and an exciting and pleasurable comfort. In that case, the Austral Yachts are the best for you.

The various Austral Yachts are made with precision to give you your desired perfection in your sea voyage.

At Ashton Boat Works, we provide you with the right access to various Austral Yachts you may need. They include:


Farr 42 WoW

The Farr 42 WoW Austral Yachts was built to introduce and sustain great racing and cruising experience. If you take pleasure in a high-speed race with excellent stability and perfect manoeuvring system, you are welcome to contact Ashton Boat Works for your Farr 42 WoW. It is befitted with a glamorous interior and exterior features. Its designs are breathtakingly made to give it a low centre gravity and a minimised wetted area.

It has a Gori 3 blade folding propeller with overdrive and a twin wheel steering. It is made for both inshore and offshore performance.

Clubman 36

This is the ideal Austral Yachts for you if you need a lifetime voyage experience. It is designed to grant you great comfort and exceptional luxury in your sea voyage. The Clubman 36 Austral Yachts has a 29HP Volvo diesel sail drive engine and a 60 amp alternator. It is built with high-performance composite foils, close sheeting angles and an ergonomic cockpit. The storage cockpit is enormous, and it has a full valley facility.

It is also fitted with a light navigation system, electrical switch panel with circuit breaker and LED indicator lights powered by two heavy-duty batteries with the dual battery switch.


Clubman Super 30

The Clubman Super 30 is built by Austral Yachts and designed by Scott Jutson to satisfy the need for great speed and outstanding performance. All you need to be ahead in the race with exceptional stability and excellent manoeuvring system is the Clubman Super 30. It is a 30-foot length yacht that allows for good space-occupying about eight people.

It is powered by a 12.8 hp Bukh diesel engine and has a fuel capacity of twenty litres. It is priced at $ 165,000.

Clubman 8

Clubman 8 Austral Yachts is made by Austral Yachts and designed by Scott Jutson to make you want to desire more of sea voyage with great comfort. It has a length of 26 feet and a single hull type. It is fitted with six berths including two double berths and two single berths.