Boat Sales

At Ashton Boat Works, we welcome you to make your choice from our exciting boat gallery.

We provide you with access to both new and used boats in the best condition possible and at an affordable price. Our service and product delivery profile are rated high in the industry; that is why we guarantee to live up to our buyers’ expectations.

As one of the leading boat dealers in Brisbane, we ensure we give you the best from the various options available. Whether you buy a new boat or a used one, be persuaded that you will get the best deal for your money.

At Ashton Boat Works, our concerns go beyond the sale of a boat, we make you our priority and ensure that we give you the right boat to satisfy your desire for a lifetime experience during your sea voyage.

Our boat sale offerings for you are:


Power Boats

We know you have been making arrangements for recreation exercise with your loved ones, and that is why we are introducing to you our powerboats suitable for all your recreation exercise.

Our boats are powerfully built combining innovative design and excellent durability to give you a fun-filled experience. Depending on your budget, we have different kinds of lower ships for you. Whether you buy them new or used, one thing we can guarantee you is great durability for every part of our powerboats.


Sail Boats

At Ashton Boat Works, the sailboat we offer for sale is the best fit for your water-board recreation exercise and gives you a lifetime experience.

We understand your interest diversity, that is why we are also putting up for sale different kinds of sailboats like

  • Cruising Sailboats designed for your adventure.
  • Racer-Cruiser Sailboat for your fun-filled cruising and great racing experience.
  • Racing Sailboats designed to give you ecstasy in races and make you stay ahead of time.
  • Motor Sailer for a wild adventure experience.
  • Sailing Dinghies for people who are just beginning to adapt to the fulfilment of sea voyage.
  • Day Sailer which is the perfect fit for you and your partner on a sunny day cruise.
  • Beach Catamaran for your fast and wild cruise.
  • Cruise Catamaran, which is your ideal sailboats for your voyage.

Row Boat/Dinghy

Our Rowboat or Dinghies are designed to give you a splendid time in your recreation exercise. The rowboats we offer for sale, whether new or old, are built with firm stability to respond to your rowing strength and speed.

Whatever you might need in a boat, we have got the right one for you at Ashton Boats and Works. Our products are made of the best and by the best in the industry. Our service delivery profile is also one of the best in Australia. That is why we can tell you to place your boat order with is and go to sleep, trusting us to deliver on every one of our promises.

Kindly contact us today for all your boat needs at the most competitive price.