If part of what you desire as a Yacht owner is getting an everlasting euphoria on the sea, then one of our Maritimo Yachts may be all that you need to achieve that.

At Ashton Boat Works, we offer varying types of Maritimo Yachts made for adventure, luxury and accommodation. If any of our Maritimo Yachts interest you, you can contact us to place your order and begin the process to a lifelong fantastic voyage experience.


Maritimo M70

The Maritimo M70 is an Australian designed yacht. It has a fully enclosed flybridge and fitted with spacious accommodation capacity of up to ten people. With a massive fuel capacity of 6300 litres, it is powered by a 2 X Volvo D13 – 1000 HP-ZF engine. It retains the fame of being the only Maritimo Yacht to be ever powered by four engines.

Maritimo M51

The Maritimo M51 is designed to give you luxury and perfection in your voyage experience. Fitted with a luxurious accommodation space and lounge, it has a walk-around deck that grants you unhindered access to all angles of the yacht.

It has a three capacity cabin and a standard sleeping capacity of fine people which can be enlarged to make room for two or more people.

Powered by a 2X Volvo D11 – 670 MHP, it has a 3100 litres fuel capacity and a dry weight of 21,000 kg.


Maritimo S70

The Maritimo S70 is one of the S-series Sedan Motor Yachts built and designed for elegant luxury and fun-filled experience. It holds the record of being the largest single-level vessel by Maritimo.

It has a massive speed level of 30 knots with superb handling to assure you of a perfect ride. It comes with a lot of space and accommodation. With a sleeping capacity of eight-person which is adjustable to an optional of twelve, it is fitted with four cabins and a massive galley.

Powered by a 2X Volvo D13 – 1000MHP engine, it has a massive fuel capacity of 6,300 litres and a dry weight of 42,000kg.

R Performance Edition

This one of the X-series Coupe Sport Motor Yacht. This engine power gives it the whole stability to deliver a speed of 36knots with a high-performance propeller of straight shaft technology and a custom balanced and high times performance propeller package. Its perfect manoeuvring is achieved with a standard Yacht controller joystick system.